Prim & Proper



  • Ages: 6 – 16
  • Time frame: Year Round
  • Registration is required
  • Cost: FREE

GOAL: To help young ladies develop a sense of self-worth and self-awareness while encouraging and cultivating skills that will enhance their spiritual, professional, social and private lives according to the Word of God.

Prim and Proper was originated in 2013 out of a concern for the welfare of our girls and young ladies in the Second Ward community. For our program we chose the age group between 6 and 16. This group is a very important group to target when it comes to meeting their needs because from 6 to 12, before the teenage years, our little girls become curious and they are so impressionable. And at the ages 13 through 16 they become eager to learn that which will help them to form their opinion as to how their life is going to be. They are impressionable and are searching for a continuation: be it college, tech school, etc. and with the right guidance, will become the young ladies they are meant to be.

This will be a nine (9) weeks, eighteen (18) classes program. During and at the end of the course, the girls will be attending and participating in activities that correlate with the weeks studies.

When the class room schedule has ended, we will meet once a month, during the school season.  At these meetings we will work on activities that will include:   Sewing, Walking (Modified form of Modeling), Cooking (and much more)

Second Ward Community Initiative

50 A Ross Street

Delaware, Ohio


Phone: 1-740-818-9300

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